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Python library for cybersecurity

Library Reference: Functions

This section provides detailed information about the functions available in the ShieldCipher Python Library for symmetric encryption.

ShieldCipher.encryption.symmetric.encrypt_aes(key, message)

Encrypts a message using the AES encryption algorithm with a given key.

ShieldCipher.encryption.symmetric.decrypt_aes(key, ciphertext)

Decrypts a ciphertext using the AES encryption algorithm with a given key.

ShieldCipher.encryption.symmetric.compute_key(secret, salt, length=32)

Generates a key using the PBKDF2 algorithm with SHA512 as the HMAC hash module.

ShieldCipher.encryption.symmetric.encrypt(secret, message, algorithm='AES', length=256)

Encrypts a message using a specified algorithm and key length.

ShieldCipher.encryption.symmetric.decrypt(secret, ciphertext, salt, algorithm='AES', length=256)

Decrypts a ciphertext using a secret key and specified encryption algorithm and key length.