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MSC is an EsoLang

MeowScript Backlog:

  1. Interactive Mode:
    • Allow users to run the interpreter interactively, inputting MSC commands one by one.
    • Output results in real-time during interactive sessions.
    • Status: Done
  2. Variable Support:
    • Introduce support for variables in the MSC language.
    • Allow users to declare, assign values to, and manipulate variables in their programs.
    • Status: In Progress
  3. Debugging Support:
    • Implement a debugging mode for step-by-step program execution.
    • Provide clear error messages and debugging information.
    • Status: Pending
  4. File Handling:
    • Introduce file-related commands to create a new file and read from a file.
    • Allow users to incorporate file operations into MSC programs.
    • Status: Pending
  5. Loops and Conditionals:
    • Expand the language to support loop constructs and conditionals.
    • Enable users to create more complex and structured MSC programs.
    • Status: Pending
  6. Standard Library:
    • Create a basic standard library with common functions (e.g., string manipulation, mathematical operations) implemented in MSC.
    • Allow users to include and leverage this library in their programs.
    • Status: Pending
  7. Graphics Output:
    • Introduce commands for simple graphics or ASCII art creation using MSC syntax.
    • Enhance the visual appeal of MSC programs.
    • Status: Pending
  8. Online Playground:
    • Develop an online platform for writing and running MSC code directly in a web browser.
    • Encourage a broader audience to experiment with MeowScript.
    • Status: Pending
  9. Error Messages:
    • Improve error handling within the interpreter.
    • Provide informative error messages to assist users in debugging their programs.
    • Status: Pending
  10. Optimizations:
    • Explore opportunities to optimize the interpreter for better performance.
    • Investigate ways to reduce the size of MSC programs while maintaining functionality.
    • Status: Pending
  11. Documentation Improvements:
    • Expand the documentation with additional examples, tutorials, and a comprehensive guide on writing complex MSC programs.
    • Ensure documentation is accessible and user-friendly.
    • Status: Pending
  12. Community and Forums:
    • Establish a community forum or platform where users can share MSC programs, seek help, and discuss language features.
    • Foster a supportive and engaging MeowScript community.
    • Status: Pending
  13. Cross-platform Support:
    • Extend support for platforms other than Windows (e.g., Linux and macOS).
    • Ensure compatibility across various operating systems.
    • Status: Pending